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    That allows to NBA 2K MT p render anything in you field of vision for them and free those resources up for any number of uses. As a consequence, that you can literally designing NBA 2K21 differently in appearence, but in function. Games need to load resources all at once, even if those assets are not being used.

    I’m not going to keep describing things that may readily be found using Google just so that you can keep strengthening your view. So what features will be enabled for the Consoles with this tech concerning gambling characteristics today, that cant be done on an PC, can you provide an concrete example? It only boils down to better graphics? You’re telling me that an gen console will have better images then another gen PC? I mean what features would you expect in NBA2k21 next gen version, which wouldnt been able to been done on an PC? All you’re saying is repeating. People even hyped cell phone gaming as being the future of gambling not so long past.

    Having a must-have badge ruins badges’ purpose

    I only think it should be a badge for bigs. Almost every big in the league besides Kristaps includes a set jumper. Turner, towns, Bertans, olynyk. To list a few that take fast and are shooters. Towns includes a set taken. They shoot wide shots for the most part, although olynyk and turner don’t shoot slow. Bertans is 6’9 so when he had been a myplayer that his jumper would not happen to be slowed. See what they dont know is that a set shot can nevertheless be quick.look in cities or aldridge irl. What people hated were ‘3 bigs jumping 5 feet in the air its hard to competition.

    What about that entire issue is that WE the player don’t need to be. Therefore today, that the argument that says 90% of bigs have put except porzingus, goes out the window. If gamers need, they can be porzingus. As long as there is that one participant out the normal, every player could be that player if they would like to. Many KD gamers are in the league? Nevertheless in alot of gamers proved to be a 6’10 point forward. 2k can never limit a build as long as a nba player is breaking that barrier.

    It is about balance. If they allow everyone create an all around stud construct, sure. But you can not really make a build like KD that argument does not hold water. If you produce a 6’10” point forward, he will not be as athletic as KD because you had to forfeit athleticism for the height. Since you sacrificed some of the for the ball handling he will not take. He will not play defense or end like KD because you already chose to put most of your points into ball handling and shooting, or as you forfeited wingspan to get his shot closer to KD’s. Since we’re all glorified job players, bigs should not get to be elite at shooting AND something else.