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    Hex Nut Manufacturers Introduces The Installation Details Of Anchor Bolts

    As the types of anchor bolts on the market begin to increase, Hex Nut Manufacturers tells you how to install anchor bolts.

    1. The relevant design requirements and specifications should be followed, and a standard model that meets the requirements in terms of quantity, type and material needs to be developed.

    2. After purchasing the foundation bolts that meet the requirements, engineers and technicians should be asked to carry out relevant standard measurements. Then, according to the measured data, design the position and height of the anchor bolts to be embedded

    3. The preparation before installing the anchor bolts requires the staff to support the fixing bracket first. The bottom of the bracket must be firmly welded to form a standard system. It is also necessary to ensure that the fixed bracket has strong stability and sufficient rigidity.

    4. After fixing the relevant support, you can start to install the anchor bolts. When installing the anchor bolts, you need to fix the center position of the anchor bolts according to the relevant positioning line. Only then can you start adjusting the position that does not meet the requirements. Need to take the right approach to strengthen stability.

    5. After the anchor bolts are installed, the staff should use professional measuring equipment to adjust the anchor bolts several times. To ensure that the height and height of the anchor bolts meet the required standards.

    6. After confirming that all anchor bolts have been installed and confirmed, perform a detailed inspection to ensure that they meet the relevant requirements, and then firmly weld the bottom of the anchor bolts. Bolt support is usually strengthened.

    Through the above introduction, 2h Hex Nut Supplier hopes that you can simply refer to the content of this article in future use.