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    Wholesale Solar Garden Lights Manufacturers Introduces The Knowledge Of Solar Panels For Street Lights

    Wholesale Solar Garden Lights Manufacturers introduces how to troubleshoot solar street lights and high pole lights

    One, the light source
    LED lamp beads are formed into strips or the whole light source is not bright, or it keeps flickering under normal lighting conditions. This kind of problem can generally be concluded as a problem with the light source.

    Two, solar panels
    Whether it is a monocrystalline silicon board or a polycrystalline silicon board, there are very few problems. The most common problem is that the charging indicator of the controller does not turn on under the condition of sunlight (make sure the controller is okay). At this time, we It is necessary to check whether the wire of the solar panel and the light source wire are connected reversely. If the connection is not reversed, check whether the output terminal of the solar panel is in poor contact, and the above two points can basically solve the problem.

    Three, the controller
    The controller is the core part of the entire lighting system. It controls the battery and LED light source, as well as the input or output voltage and current of the solar panel, to prevent the battery from overcharging or over-discharging. The failure of the controller will cause a series of problems such as the failure of the solar panel to charge the battery normally, the irregular lighting time of the light source, the unstable current and the direct breakdown of the light source chip. If you find that the indicator light on the controller flashes abnormally or does not light up at all, you are sure that the controller needs to be replaced.

    Four, battery
    Solar street lights now mostly use colloidal batteries, which have the advantages of long life and maintenance-free. The damage of the battery directly affects the effective lighting time. The easiest way to check the battery failure is to make sure that the solar panels and the controller are working normally. ), charge for about 4 hours, then use a multimeter to measure the voltage and current of the positive and negative electrodes of the battery to see if the measured value corresponds to the parameter marked on the battery (for example: a 12v battery, the value obtained after the measurement is less than 11v) If it does not match, the battery needs to be replaced.

    Through the above introduction, Solar Path Light Manufacturers hopes that you can simply refer to the content of this article in future use.